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Practice Group Sessions for Radical Collaboration - Introduction to Convergent Facilitation

We are delighted to have a list of practice sessions covering most days of the week and all timezones. This is an integral part of the course. Thanks to all of the facilitators who stepped in to offer one of these sessions.

We want to highlight again how important practice is to integrate the method and start making a difference in how decisions are made in the world. We are inviting everyone to sign up to one of the sessions and stretch if needs be. There is an option to self-organise if none of them matches your availability (see below).

How to join a practice group session?


Update from Thursday, March 7th:

Just join any of the practice groups below.

It is more important to us that you get some practice than to have well defined and sized groups (so we dropped the registration for groups). If groups get too big the facilitators will split them into sub-groups (breakout sessions).

💻 The Zoom access is the same as for the main session you received via email after registration or in any of the follow up emails.

Happy practice 🛝🤕🌱🤩

When are facilitated practice group sessions happening?

💻 The Zoom access is the same as for the main session.

🔴 Practice Group 1 with Menaka (4 sessions)

Image Menaka Neotia

🟣 Practice Group 2 with Pam (4 sessions)


We have decided to cancel this time slot due to low attendance numbers. Pam will support Rachel with her group moving forward.

Image Pam

🟡 Practice Group 3 with Sibongile (4 sessions)

🟢 Practice Group 4 with Sabine (4 sessions)

Image Sabine

🟤 Practice Group 5 with Jocelyn (4 sessions)

Image Sabine

🔵 Practice Group 6 with Juri (4 sessions)

Image Juri

⚪ Practice Group 7 with Rachel (4 sessions)

Image Rachel

🟠 Practice Group 8 with Pierre (4 sessions)

Image Pierre Gos