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Verene Nicolas‚Äč

Portrait Verene Nicolas

Verene has been concerned about the state of our planet for a long time, who we seem to have become as humans and how we live and work together. Since her early adult life, she has learnt and shared practical and theoretical knowledge that would address the root causes of social and environmental injustice and help build a nonviolent, collaborative world. One particularly important concern in her life has been to face her privilege, and steward it in various shapes and forms, to support people working alongside poor and/or marginalized communities.

She has had extended exposure to Convergent Facilitation as she has worked closely with Miki Kashtan since 2011. What she particularly values about it is the orientation towards integration that it gives her, a sharpened ability to listen to noncontroversial statements in many walks of life, and a practical tool to help groups she works with converge towards decision making.

Verene can facilitate in English and French.