CF Practice Group 8AMUTC

Practice CF skills in a group

Our peer, co-created CF Practice Group meets every two weeks on a Wednesday from 8am to 10am UTC. We meet to practice actual CF facilitation and offer each other feedback on what we are doing as well as bringing obstacles or questions from CF processes that we are holding or wanting to hold outside of the group. 

We are a group of people that meet regularly and we welcome new people to join us at any time! Before joining please become familiar with CF enough so that you understand the basic steps of CF. We recommend reading the book “The highest common denominator” by Miki Kashtan or taking one of the CF intensives that are offered through the website (or watching some recordings).

To ask questions about this particular event and engage with the CF community we invite you to join our online community space on Hylo. Once you’ve joined you can find all events here:


Topic: CF Practice Group 8AMUTC
Type: Recurring
Hosted By: Fabian Kirsch
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  • Wednesday, December 28, 2022 08:00
Timezone: UTC

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