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Magda Baranska

Magda Baranska

My passion is supporting people in mutual understanding and finding solutions that work for everyone through integration of different perspectives. There is no such subject at school. I have consciously chosen to learn these skills since 2008, when I became aware of Nonviolent Communication. Since 2012, I have helped people in conflict can receive support. In 2016, I started to organize international retreats, at first in person, now online. Since its very beginning in 2017 I have been co-creating Nonviolent Global Liberation Apprenticeship Program and Learning Community, where I am a member of the Conflict Engagement, Decision-Making, Resource Flow Teams.


I learned Convergent Facilitation from Miki Kashtan in 2016. For two years I participated in a Convergent Facilitation practice group, where I facilitated many processes. Now I use Convergent Facilitation in supporting groups in decision making, and a simplified version in mediations and daily work with my teams.


I live in Warsaw, Poland. I’m a parent of young kids. I enjoy meeting and working with people from all over the world and being outside in nature.

I offer coaching sessions, mediations, workshops and facilitate meetings at which groups make decisions.

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