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Policy Making

Case Study - Child Labor

In just two days, a team of four Convergent Facilitators helped transform a conflict among people working on this issue that has lasted for decades.  In this video, Neil Howard shares what happened with Lisa Rothman.

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Case Study - Changing a High School Tardiness Policy to Care for All

Convergent Facilitator and CNVC Certified Trainer Aya Caspi used the Convergent Facilitation process at Ghidotti High School in California to change their tardiness policy into one that reflects care for everyone affected by it and successfully attends to tardiness rates in the school. This video is an excerpt of a longer video which provides additional context about Nonviolent Communication – the foundation for Convergent Facilitation. You can see the longer video here.

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Case Study - Minnesota Legislature

Convergent Facilitation can bring about dramatic and breakthrough results in groups, even groups that have been stuck for a long time.

A group comprised of Minnesota legislators, lobbyists, lawyers, advocacy groups, judges, and child development experts. The issue they were facing was child custody legislation. They were about as divided on the issue as any group could be. So much so, that it took a major effort to get them all to agree to be in the same room together. Two years later, the group approved, unanimously, sixteen different changes to their state’s legal system that they all thought were an improvement on what previously existed.

Along the way, one legislator said: “I don’t want to be identified with a side. We are no longer doing that. We are a group of people working together to solve problems.”

If this sounds like incredible magic, extraordinary luck, or exceptional talent, we see it differently. We have trained many people in this methodology, including people who didn’t necessarily imagine they could achieve spectacular results, who then went on to have their own amazing successes.

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