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Online Convergent Facilitation Intensive:
A Pathway to Efficient Collaborative Decisions

At the Convergent Facilitation (CF) Intensive we offered a comprehensive introduction to collaborative decision making. We would love for more people to learn Convergent Facilitation and we understand not everyone can attend a live workshop, so we chose to make the recordings and materials available. For more information about the course see the original invitation below.

These recordings and materials are being offered within a gift economy model to support more financial equity and help move our society toward a needs-based distribution of resources. We invite you to contribute an amount that feels generous and financially sustainable for you. If you are not able to contribute any amount, please choose zero. By contributing more, you are making the recordings and materials more accessible to people who are not able to contribute as much.


I appreciate the clarity I've experienced in the workshop, along with that the handouts were so easy to follow and filled with beautiful images and diagrams.


Magda and Roni created a fertile learning environment for all of us to grow, and this with more than 100 participants! Invitations to pose questions & sharing concepts were well balanced. Genius use of breakout rooms to help us practice what we learned. Many thanks to the whole team.


I found the course to be very clearly laid out, so that I could easily grasp the concepts and see how I might apply them. Roni and Manga worked together beautifully as co-facilitators. They combined flexibility and spontaneity with a strong intention to deliver the material within the allotted time. I learned a lot just from watching them facilitate. I found this course was very much worth the time and money I devoted to it.

Yehudit Lieberman

Powerful skills for converging on decisions for facilitators of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Michelle Clarke

This workshop opened up my mind to a new way of collaborative decision making.

Kate Reynolds

I highly recommend Roni and Magda's course because they model and bring out of others how to provide a middle-ground option, without compromise, and without side-taking so common to us all at this point in time. The beauty is that the practice you get with the course, enables you to put this approach directly to use the very same day.

Gail Reich

I can’t wait to start sharing and integrating this in my conversations with people that know these things matter to me, so I want to acknowledge just the partnership for you two, and how it supported me and I’m deeply grateful.


Thank you to everyone that was involved, and I also want to say that I am reading Miki's book right now and the way that you presented the concept I really understood it better, like the combination of the book and the lectures.


If you want to have the confidence to use CF then listen to the recordings of the CF intensive May 2021..the coaches have designed the course in a way that empowers participants to use CF intuitively almost immediately.


Original Course Invitation

The Convergent Facilitation (CF) Intensive offers a comprehensive introduction to collaborative decision making. We invite you to learn how to effectively arrive at group decisions that everyone can accept as their own. The skills you acquire will help you make group decisions more easily and effectively at home, in your work, and in your communities. This is an opportunity to learn the basics of the CF process and principles or deepen your practice, no prior experience with CF is needed.   

Dates and Times

22-23 May 2021, 15:00 – 20:30 UTC, 3 sessions per day

Quick reference for other time zones:

08:00 – 13.30 Los Angeles (PDT) / 11:00 – 16:30 New York (EST) / 16:00 – 21:30 London (BST) /
17:00 – 22:30 Paris (CEST) / 20:30 – 02:00 Mumbai (IST) / 03:00 – 08:30 Wellington (NZST)

You can check your time zone here.

Is it possible to make group decisions that everyone feels good about? How do you find solutions that accommodate conflicting opinions? What if some people oppose the proposed solution?

Join this intensive to discover a path to efficient, collaborative decision making.

About Convergent Facilitation

Convergent Facilitation is a group decision-making process that’s designed to build trust from the very beginning, to surface concerns and address them, and to turn conflicts into dilemmas that the group feels energized to solve together.

If you would like to learn more about the history and applications of this process before attending the workshop, you can explore the Convergent Facilitation website.

What will you learn and practice

  • get to know Convergent Facilitation – a method of making group decisions by incorporating different
        opinions and objections
  • learn what is needed to make decisions that take into account the needs of all people
  • practice conducting a dialogue with people who object
  • learn how to listen to the underlying meaning of statements
  • practice agreeing on specific solutions that work for everyone

What is requested when you choose to attend?

We invite you to arrive with curiosity and openness to trying new things. We plan to support you by reminding you that you can discard anything that does not work for you. 


If you plan to attend live, we recommend joining all the sessions because they build on each other. The first two sessions are particularly important if you are completely new to Convergent Facilitation. 


We suggest setting up a space where you can be present, focused, and comfortable. 


We plan to share a lot of content. We ask that you orient toward fully engaging within the topics we offer. You will have some opportunities to practice, and you will likely have more questions than we can attend to in one weekend. We plan to collect unanswered questions and suggest resources for engaging with them. 

Deciding how much to contribute

This intensive is being offered within a gift economy model to support more financial equity and help move our society toward a needs-based distribution of resources. We estimate it will take an average of $210 per person to make this course financially sustainable for everyone who is organizing and delivering it (to cover enough of our living expenses to be able to do this work). 


We invite you to contribute an amount that feels generous and financially sustainable for you. If you are not able to contribute any amount, please choose zero. If you are able to contribute more, please consider covering the cost for one or more participants who cannot contribute. We may postpone or cancel the workshop if we don’t receive sufficient contributions.

If you have concerns or questions about making a financial contribution, please talk to one of us. We value these conversations as an opportunity to learn, connect, and find creative ways to attend to everyone’s needs.
Here are a few examples of how specific contribution amounts will support us. These are just examples, you can select a different amount.
  • $210 is the average amount needed per participant to make this event sustainable.
  • $0 means you are willing to receive this training as a gift. We know this is a stretch for some people.
         We value making this course accessible to participants who would otherwise not be able to afford
         this type of training.
  • $140 supports us in knowing that you’ve considered your needs and ours, and selected an amount
        that is affordable for you.
  • $280 gives a little extra to support those who cannot contribute the sustainable amount.
  • $420 fully funds your registration plus one more participant who cannot contribute any amount. We
        invite you to consider if you are able and willing to support more participants.
By contributing more, you are making this course more accessible to people who are not able to contribute as much.

More about us

Magda: My passion is supporting people in mutual understanding and working out solutions that work for everyone through integration of different perspectives. There is no such a subject at school. Consciously I have learnt these skills since 2008, when I got to know Nonviolent Communication (NVC). My 3 areas of focus are: supporting people in conflict, collaborative decision making and needs-based resource sharing. I offer coaching sessions, mediations, workshops and facilitate meetings. I live in Warsaw, Poland. I’m a parent of young kids. I enjoy meeting and working with people from all over the world and being active outside in nature. I hold a PhD in geography. www.strefaporozumienia.pl

Roni: I advocate for personal empowerment and social change through coaching, teaching, consulting, and activism. I enjoy sharing my passion and insights in diverse settings and scales, from small groups to large organizations. My life journey includes two decades of consulting focused on transforming collaboration practices, extensive work in technology projects and design, and an interdisciplinary degree in Psychology, Sociology, and Gender Studies. I offer fun and interactive workshops on topics ranging from process improvement and project planning to nonviolence, relationships, and sexual health. At other times, I may be found on the dance floor, at the beach, cuddling, playing games, engaging in deep conversations, writing an unpublished blog, and plotting global liberation. www.sundragonrising.com


If you have any questions, please email Mona at monaneotia@gmail.com

Convergent Facilitation