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Coaching Calls

- For people who have read the book, attended a workshop or listened to a recording of a workshop

A group of experienced Convergent Facilitators are now offering weekly coaching calls on a gift economy basis for people who want to be of service in this time of crisis and who have taken a Convergent Facilitation workshop or have read The Highest Common Denominator: Using Convergent Facilitation to Reach Breakthrough Collaborative Decisions by Miki Kashtan.

All Convergent Facilitation Coaches are offering these sessions on a gift economy basis. What we mean by gift economy is that we are offering our coaching support without knowing if we will receive anything, and you are receiving without being asked to give any specific amount. 

We invite you to contribute an amount that’s the most you can give without overstretching or feeling resentful. What you contribute helps keep the program going, attends to the sustainability of the coaches, and brings more Convergent Facilitation into the world.

We invite you to contribute here: 

Coaching Call Schedule

If a call that was scheduled gets cancelled, you will see it in the above schedule with a strike-through
(example: Coaching call with Miki)

Coaching Call Registration

These calls are recorded and made available for everybody. 
The time that is listed below for the coaching is for UTC.  When you register for the call you will go to a new page which will list the time of the call in YOUR timezone.
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Recordings of past calls are available here

Coaching Call Testimonials

" The calls are helping me master the concepts and practice the skills I first learned during an online CF workshop. It really helps to practice in a smaller group of supportive people, with whom I feel safe to try things, and to hear the real-life stories from the experienced Convergent Facilitation practitioners who join us each week. These calls inspire me! "
Barb Bickford
“ I really appreciate your Convergent Facilitation coaching calls. I love the specific examples you use and working through problems with participants. ”
Christine M. Whitworth, MD
Reproductive Endocrinologist and co-founder of Nashville Fertility Center
Convergent Facilitation